Tom Krol Scam: True Or False?

Tom Krol is a leader in the real estate wholesaling business and his program Wholesaling Inc has shown thousands of people how to make lots of money wholesaling real estate. There is also talk about a Tom Krol scam where people think that his program is a waste of money. Read on to learn more about real estate wholesaling and decide for yourself if Tom Krol is a scam.

Real estate wholesaling is a fantastic way to take advantage of the current real estate market and make some serious money. The real estate market is hot right now and people are making money right and left. You can be one of those people if you take advantage of the techniques that you can learn in Tom Krol’s program.

Real estate wholesaling is a faster process than flipping. You don’t have to deal with making repairs and you can still make a great profit without having to do much to the home. The key is finding sellers who want to sell their homes. Once you find a seller, you find a buyer before the contract with the seller closes.

You might find a house that you are willing to buy for $200,000, but it needs 50,000 worth of work. Once the work is done on the house it will be worth 275,000. If you sign over the contract to an investor for 210,000, you make profit of $10,000 without doing much and you never even have to own the home.

It can be difficult finding people who want to sell their homes and this is where it becomes helpful to take Tom Krol’s course. You will learn ways to find homeowners who are going to be likely to want to sell their homes quickly and you can take advantage of this leg up to find houses. If you are good at finding houses, you can make a lot of money.

You don’t need capital to get started with real estate wholesaling and you don’t actually purchase anything, so this method of getting into real estate is less risky. There are no costs to carry and as long as you know the market and can find people who want to sell their homes, you can do great. The Tom Krol scam isn’t true. The course provides you with an honest way to make money selling and making profit on homes.