Golf Courses Edmonton Locations That You Should Check Out

When you visit Edmonton, and you are ready to play a game of golf, there are several locations that you can visit. You could be an expert, an individual that has played hundreds of games, or perhaps you are just starting out. There are some people that have been playing for decades, and they have never been to Edmonton before. They would like to go on a course that is going to be somewhat challenging. Here are some of the top golf courses Edmonton has to offer, one of which will be exactly what you need to enjoy your day.

Which Golf Course Should You Choose?

The golf course that you choose will be based upon your skill level. Another possibility is that you may choose one based upon its reputation or location. There are three that are very popular. This would include Victoria Golf Course, Rundle Park Golf Course, and Riverside Golf Course. Some of these are situated on the edge of the river, whereas others are closer to the city. There is one that is one of the oldest, still owned and operated by the city. If you are looking for something that is designed for beginners, or those with handicaps, Victoria Golf Courses your top choice. The other two are more geared for individuals that have experience at playing golf on a regular basis.

What Time Of The Year Should You Visit Edmonton To Play Golf?

To visit Edmonton, and have fun playing golf, definitely travel during the spring and summer. Although you could travel during the fall, it’s starting to get colder, and that might not be the best time to be there. You always have to be careful when traveling at higher latitudes, and Edmonton is definitely up there. If you can get there at the end of spring, the temperatures will be perfect while you play one of these top golf courses Edmonton currently has to offer.